Things to do

The Palestinian experience we offer doesn’t stop in the guesthouses!

The Mosaic Guest House in Sebastia is part of a network of activities implemented by Mosaic Center Jericho and supported by Pro Terra Sancta.

Our main goal is working for the conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage throughout Palestine and creating opportunities for local communities to benefit also economically.

Here are some activities you can add to your stay:

Sebastia Archeological tour

Visit the ruins of ancient Sebaste, the crusader town and the tomb of St. John the Baptist!

The kitchen of Nisf Jubeil

If you are looking for the best Palestinian dishes made by local women or if you want to try yourself and learn some recipes with them, come to the Nisf Jubeil Kitchen!

Ceramic Center Nisf Jubeil

Come visit our beautiful sustainable ceramic center, meet the artists and if you wish, shop a little!